Material Specifications


AMS-5629, ASTM A 564, AMS 2300

316 L

QQS-763, AMS-5653, ASTM-A-276,
ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479


Conditions “H1150, H1025, H1075”

AMS-5659, ASTM-A-564 & ASTM A-484


QQS-763, AMS-5645, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-320 Grd B8T & ASTM-A-193 Grd B8T

17-4 PH

AMS-5643, AMS-2303, CAP. ASTM-A-564 Grade 630


AMS-5646, ASTM A276, ASTM A479, ASTM A484, ASME SA-479, ASTM A193, ASTM A320

17-4 PH “Double H-1150”

AMS-2303, ASTM A564, RC33 Max, Chems only to AMS-5643 & ASTM A-370


QQS-763, AMS-5613, AMS-5612, AMS-2303, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479

17-4 PH “H-1150”

AMS-5643 CHEMS only ASTM-A-564 Cond H-1150


QQS-763C, QQS-764B, AMS-5610, MIL-W-52263, ASTM-A-582

302 MIL-S-7720, AMS-S-7720

ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479

416 HT R.C. 26/32

QQS-763C COND H, QQS-764B COND T, ASTM-A-582 COND T, MIL-W-52263

303 Sul

MILL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263 AMS-5640 Type 1, QQS-763C, QQS-764B, ASTM-A-582 ASTM-A-320 Grd B8F


QQS-763, AMS-5621, ASTM-A-276


QQS-763, AMS-5639, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-193 Grd B8, ASTM-A-320 Grd B8 304


QQS-763, AMS-5627, STM-A-276, ASTM-A-479

304 Cond. “B”

QQS-763, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-193 Grd B8 CL 2

440 A

QQS-763, AMS-5631, ASTM-A-276

304 L

QQ3-763, AMS-5647, ASTM-A-276,ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479

440 C

QQS-763, AMS-5630, ASTM-A-276

440 A

QQS-763, AMS-5631, ASTM-A-276


QQS-763, AMS-5650, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479

440 C

QQS-763, AMS-5630, ASTM-A-276


QQS-763, AMS-5651, ASTM-A-276 ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA

Nickel 200

ASTM-B-164 ASME-SB-164

316 (03) Max. C)

MIL–S-7720, AMS-S-7720 AMS-5648, QQS-763, ASTM-A-193 Grd B8M, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-320 Grd B8M

Nickel 400

ASTM-B-164 ASME-SB-164

Nickel 405

ASTM-B-164 ASME-SB-164

Nitronic 40

AMS-5656, ASTM A276

Nitronic 50

AMS-5848, ASTM A-479, ASTM A276, ASTM A193

Nitronic 60

AMS 5848, ASTM A479, ASTM A276, ASTM A193, ASTM A194, ASME SA-479

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