Maintenance Alloy Steels

Ameralloy Steel Corporation is a leading supplier of broad-spectrum alloy and steel materials to some of the biggest industry names. These are strong and durable, enduring stressful and demanding environments to ensure a project’s success.

With our extensive knowledge of various industrial applications, we can help our customers find suitable materials for them. One is maintenance alloy metal products specially developed to meet our customer’s requirements and specifications.

Maintenance Alloy Steels Supplier

Maintenance steel alloy materials are designed to withstand wear, strain, corrosion, impact, and heat. In addition, these materials are low-cost, making them a cost-effective option that many industries trust.

Other benefits of maintenance alloys (depending on the type):

● High tensile strength
● Extreme wear resistance
● Resistance to shock and fatigue
● Good machinability

With these benefits in mind, maintenance steel alloys are an excellent option for various applications ranging from heavy machinery components to construction, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Maintenance Alloy Steels Available at Ameralloy Steel

For the best maintenance alloy metal products, Ameralloy Steel Corporation offers several for our customers. These are the following:

Durelloy Heat-Treated Alloys: These alloys are heat-treated with a hardness of Rockwell C 28–32. It’s primarily used for high torque and torsional strains due to its chrome, molybdenum, and manganese blend.

Durelloy TGP™: This steel alloy it’s ideal for applications where long and straight keyways without bowing issues are produced. Thus, eliminating the costly machining while reducing downtime.

Durelloy Metric TGP™: The metric TGP allows you to create long and straight keyways without bowing problems.

Durelloy “Special 37” TGP: This new maintenance alloy is designed for extreme wear-resistance applications.

Durelloy ™ Tubing: This material has excellent machinability. It also has perfect concentricity for applications that require close tolerance measurements.

Durelloy Threaded Bar: This threaded alloy steel bar is heat treated to conform to ASTM A 193-B-7 specifications. It has a Brinell hardness of 280–300 for better wear resistance, making it an ideal option for applications subjected to repetitive torsional stress and high pressure.

Dura-Form™ Brake Die: This tooling alloy is oil-quenched and tempered to improve the balance of its mechanical properties. It offers excellent brake die service, good machinability, and high impact resistance.

Durelloy Key Stock: This product has sharp corners with parallel sides. Its appearance makes it an excellent option for wear strips, keys, and tool shank gauges.

Durelloy Metric Key Stock: The metric key stock bars have four sides with a square or rectangular cross-section.

Durelloy PM™ Pre-Machined Alloy: This pre-machined alloy is heat treated to Rockwell C 28–32 with a machinability of 80%, making it ready for numerous tooling operations without further heat treatment.

Ameralloy Case Hardened Chrome: This alloy has a chrome thickness of .0005 and can be produced according to your specifications due to its remarkable diameter tolerance.

4140 TGP Material: This steel is a part of the SAE steel grades family, often referred to as chromoly steel due to the chromium and molybdenum elements. These have better performance than 1020 steel with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Alloy Bar 4340: Its ultra-high strength is perfect for aerospace applications and other industries with demanding and stressful conditions.

Trust Ameralloy Steel to Fulfill Your Maintenance Alloy Steel Needs

We’re your trusted source of steel and alloy materials that are developed with quality methods and processes for the best results. With our wide selection of maintenance alloy steel products, you can be sure we have all the materials to fit your requirements.

If you have questions or concerns about our alloys, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re ready to answer your questions and find curated solutions to ensure your project’s success. You may also request a quote, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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