Supplier of Stainless-Steel Sheets

Stainless Steel Sheet is a product that may be used in various ways. Most stainless sheets are made from a coil, which is then leveled and cut to size. Ameralloy Steel can offer stainless steel sheets in many different sizes and thicknesses. Contact us so we can help you meet your clients’ demands. 

Types of Stainless-Steel Sheet

  • No. 2B Finish. – As with No. 2D, this finish is generally achieved in the same technique, but the final light cold rolling pass is done with polished rolls instead of plain rolls. Cloudy mirror-like reflections can be achieved by using this method. Some coils have a mirror-like finish. However, it varies by brand and coil. Cold-rolled sheet finish No. 2B is widely employed in all but the most challenging deep drawing applications. Compared to a No. 1 or 2D finish, it may be polished more quickly to a high luster.
  • No. 4 Finish – Short, parallel polishing lines run the coil’s length, giving it its name. Mechanically polishing No. 3 with finer abrasives provides this. The final finish can range from 120 to 320 grit, depending on the application’s needs. The finer the polishing lines and the more reflective the finish, the higher the grit number. Ra 25 microinches or less is typical for surface roughness. Equipment for restaurants and kitchens, shops, food processing, and dairy equipment all benefit from this all-purpose finish option. Fabricators will use this finish to help hide the weld marks on the surface finish. Stainless sheet polishing lines are typically longer than those of products polished by a producer or a toll-polishing business when they need to blend in welds or perform additional reconditioning.

Designs for the Production of Stainless-Steel Sheets

  • Hot Rolled Sheet: Commercially, the most viable option is hot-rolled sheet metal. These are best suited for fast-paced production or those who like a more rustic appearance.
  • Cold Rolled Sheet: Cold-rolled sheets can be polished. They’ll be thinner gauges and used mostly for cosmetic finish applications. If you want stainless steel’s strength and the mirror’s reflective appearance, you can buff stainless sheets to a mirror sheen.

Plates and Sheets vs. Flat Bars: The Difference

Different mill finishes and thickness are two factors that differentiate Plate from Sheet. Stainless steel plates and sheets can also be certified to satisfy various ASTM standards. The plate can also be used to make flat bars. Cutting a flat bar should always be done with the grain. We specialize in offering hard-to-find sheets and plates. Contact us for the current price and delivery!

  • Stainless Steel Sheet is a thickness from .011″-.250″. The most common way to order a stainless sheet is by the gauge, which refers to how thick the material is.
  • Stainless Steel Plate It’s referred to as a plate for the thickness of the metal that is more than 3/16′′ thick. The stainless plate comes in many widths, from 48″ wide, and can be 30 feet. We can make any size you need.
  • Stainless Steel Flat Bars Flat stainless-steel bars are less standard than stainless steel plates and sheets because they are less comprehensive and come in a wider variety of sizes. We can offer customer width or length.

Not sure what you are looking for? Contact Ameralloy Steel an ISO 9001 certified supplier that specializes in finding hard-to-find Stainless and Alloys. Along with our proprietary grades Amera-Braze, Durelloy, and Dura-Krome. Our knowledgeable sales team will help you find what you are looking for. With many shapes, sizes, and material grades available, we can help you find what you are looking for. The most common items stocked are Tube, Pipe, Sheet, Plate, Hex bar, Square bar, Round bar, Threaded bar, Pump Shaft, and Millimeter sizes. We offer added fabrication services. Contact us now for the current price and delivery.

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