Nickel 400

Nickel 400

It is a single-phase, solid-solution nickel-copper alloy. Nickel 400 exhibits high corrosion resistance in various conditions. Copper, which has the characteristics of a noble metal, is combined with nickel, which can passivate, in this composition. 

Many different organizations, such as those in the shipping and chemical processing industries, require the presence of Alloy 400. These components are utilized in various applications, including the most common pumps and valves, naval hardware, fittings and fasteners, and electrical components. The most common application for these components is in pumps and valves. 


Composition of the Chemicals 

Nickel is an abundant element of the chemical composition. It has a nickel concentration between 63 and 70 percent, it will have a very high level of strength and will be resistant to corrosion. Copper, another vital component, will aid in the material’s ability to dissipate heat while contributing to its strength. It is anticipated that this change will have some effect on between 28 and 34 percent sulfur

Having a High Resistance to Corrosion: 

When subjected to typical conditions, the stress corrosion cracking brought on by chloride ions has minimal effect on nickel 400. When oxidizing conditions are present in the environment, its corrosion resistance is low, and it quickly corrodes. This catalyst cannot oxidize acids like nitric acid and nitrous oxide. Despite this, it is resistant to a wide variety of substances as well as temperatures. This includes many alkalis, salts, water, food, organic molecules, and the environment. 

Machinability – 

Because of its superior machinability and welding qualities, nickel 400 is widely used in maritime applications such as seawater valves and pumps.

Tubes can also be found in chemical plants, boilers, and heat exchangers. The material can retain a high level of toughness and high melting point despite being subjected to severe conditions.

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