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Ameralloy Steel Corporation is a reliable and reputable supplier of stainless and steel alloy materials that are durable and extremely strong. We have worked with mining, petrochemical, and conveyor industry, to ensure that their requirements and specifications are met with our high-quality products.

Abrasion & Impact Resistant Metal Products We Offer

Ameralloy Steel Corporation offers abrasion and impact-resistant metal products for various industries. These products are ideal for demanding applications requiring metal components that withstand harsh environments and conditions.

What are the Benefits of Impact Resistant Metals?

These durable metals have been treated to withstand the most demanding conditions and will last longer than other metals. They are also more resistant to the following conditions:

• Corrosion
• Abrasion
• Impact damage

These conditions make them better than traditional metals. So they’re the perfect option for projects that demand a longer-lasting and more durable metal component.

Abrasion & Impact Resistant Products We Offer

For the best impact resistant metal products, Ameralloy Steel Corporation offers several trademark material for our clients. These are the following:

Amera-Braze 420: This ultra-high alloy steel plate and strip has excellent impact-resistance. It’s heat treated, and can resist vibration, shock, abrasion, and stress because of its hardness and toughness.

Amera-Braze 520: This product has six times greater corrosion resistance than mild steel. It’s heat treated and tempered to a high Brinell hardness.

Ameralloy Plate and Strip: This durable metal is heat treated and tempered metal with a medium manganese content. Its balanced alloy content gives the product excellent weldability. It also has great resistance against atmospheric corrosion.

Ameralloy AR Machinable Alloy: This product is ideal for projects or environments requiring extensive forming. It also has excellent machinability and weldability without compromising its impact-resistance and abrasion qualities.

American-50: This is an abrasion-resistant steel alloy applicable for projects where the material’s cost and downtime reduction are factors. It’s a medium-range metal, which is an economical alternative to other AR plates.

Amera-Mang High Manganese: This metal has a high manganese (11–14%) content. It contains a balanced chemistry work hardening alloy. Its unique formulation is ideal for specific projects in high abrasion environments.

Dura-Lugg 4-Way Plate: This balanced alloy is a combination of manganese together with chromium and vanadium. It also undergoes an extremely tough heat-treated condition with high Brinell hardness.

Amera-Plex: This durable metal provides a smooth surface that prevents materials from clinging to it, with corrosive action while eliminating build-up. It’s the ideal option for reducing application maintenance costs because it can resist high mechanical stress and fatigue.

Amera-Plex Mine Plate: This new breed of long-chain polymeric-type material has a cling-free surface, preventing build-up and corrosive actions. It’s far superior to other plastics, making it the top option for different applications.

Amera-Thane: This product is a unique formulation of thermoset polyester polyurethane. It’s manufactured to have an ultra smooth surface that provides a quality plate that withstands impact. It adheres to the FDA Article 121.2522, which means its used for numerous food and beverage applications.

AR400 Steel Plate: This high-carbon steel alloy is designed for abrasion and wear-resistant applications. Although it has a lower hardness of 360 – 444 BHN, it’s corrosion resistant and has excellent welding ability.

Double-C: This is a steel base that contains low carbon content, applicable for stud attachments and weldments. It has an alloy overlay that provides superior wear resistance.

Ameralloy-600 Brinell ID Pipe: This product has 10x the life of a standard pipe. It’s cost-efficient because it’s easy to install, total installation cost is low, and has service life.

AR500 Steel Plate: This durable metal is ideal for excessive wear and high-impact applications. Its surface hardness is high, perfect for severe impact and abrasion applications.

Choose Ameralloy Steel Corporation for Your High-Impact Applications

If you’re searching for durable metals and plastics for your varying applications and projects, Ameralloy Steel Corporation currently has a full line of products you can choose from. All exhibit high impact resistance, hardness, and wear resistance. Rest assured; your projects can succeed with our offerings.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You may also request a quote, and we’ll review your project details to give you the best advice.

Ameralloy Steel Corporation is a prime supplier of speciality steel bar products and wear-resistant high-impact steel plate. Our full catalogue features speciality steels and standard AISI alloys to meet your demanding applications.

Ameralloy’s precision-forged speciality steels and standard alloys are shipped worldwide with reliable on-time service.

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