Ameralloy Steel Corporation is a reputable company that supplies quality stainless steel alloys, such as Nitronic®. Nitronic® is the trade name referring to a specific group of nitrogen-enhanced super duplex stainless steels. These are nitrogen-strengthened materials, also known as austenitic stainless steels, and we have several options to choose from that are designed for different applications.

Nitronic® Stainless Steel Products We Offer

We have three different Nitronic® stainless steels available here at Ameralloy Steel Corporation. Each has varying features and benefits, making it the optimal choice for specific applications. Furthermore, they can withstand different demanding and stressful environments.

Nitronic® Products Available at Ameralloy Steel Corporation

For the best Nitronic® stainless steels, below are the top choices for your various project needs and requirements.

Nitronic 40®

This stainless steel has a high manganese concentration that offers versatility and flexibility, making it the ideal option for numerous applications. It has superior strength and excellent resistance against corrosion, which is why it’s utilized in extreme temperatures – whether high or low. Shallow and cryogenic temperatures are also well tolerated.

These steels are also easily weldable and machinable through various manufacturing capabilities. They can quickly adapt to temperature changes, which means these are highly workable even in sub-zero temperatures without losing their toughness and robustness.


Some of its uses:

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical processing
  • Pollution control
  • Cryogenic applications
  • Hydraulic system components

Nitronic 50®

This type of Nitronic® stainless steel also harnesses exceptionally high corrosion resistance. It’s similar to stainless steel 316, which can be utilized in similar applications. Apart from its cryogenic properties, it also has a low magnetic permeability, which means it doesn’t become magnetic, unlike other materials with similar compositions.

Nitronic 50® is a premium alloy with many uses across multiple industries, primarily due to its high toughness and durability. Since it has low magnetic permeability, this is the top choice for high-risk applications, such as the medical industry.


Other uses of Nitronic 50®:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Pulp and paper
  • Oil and gas
  • Pumps and boat shafts
  • Food processing

Nitronic 60®

Nitronic 60® is also known as an all-purpose metal that’s popular due to its galling and wearing resistance. It was initially developed as a temperature alloy with properties that can withstand temperatures around 1800ºF.

The primary Nitronic 60® material is manganese, but it also consists of silicon that hinders wear, galling, and fretting even in annealed conditions. Higher strength is achieved through cold working, and it doesn’t lose its austenitic properties even after severe cold working. However, its anti-galling properties aren’t improved after this working procedure.


Applications of Nitronic 60®:

  • Automotive valves
  • Marine shafts
  • Fastening systems
  • Wear plates
  • Roller bearings

Trust Us to Deliver High-Strength Alloys For Your Varying Needs

Nitronic® is a versatile steel that can be used in numerous instances and purposes mainly because of its toughness, strength, and resistance to corrosion in varying environments. Our team at Ameralloy Steel Corporation is dedicated to providing you with the best quality Nitronic® stainless steels that meet your specific requirements.

If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Request a quote, and we’ll help you find the perfect alloy for your current project. Our expertise in steel and metal alloys guarantees that we can provide you with the best quality materials suited for your project’s needs.

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