Fabrication Capabilities

Order Tough Specialty Steels for Mining, Industrial, and OEM Applications.

Ameralloy brings over 41 years of durable speciality steels for mining, structural steel, and heavy equipment OEMs. From precision-machined conveyor wheels to blade liners, bucket edges, gear racks, and wear rings, customers worldwide rely on Ameralloy’s vast selection of proprietary, ultra-tough alloys made for the most demanding applications.

Ameralloy Steel Corporation is a prime supplier of speciality steel bar products and wear-resistant high-impact steel plate. Our full catalogue features speciality steels and standard AISI alloys to meet your demanding applications.

Ameralloy’s precision-forged speciality steels and standard alloys are shipped worldwide with reliable on-time service.

Ameralloy provides engineering services for your steel products. From forging to machining and finishing, our Chicago based steel service centre will manufacture, ship, and deliver your order with unrivalled quality and service


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