Abrasion & Impact Resistant

Abrasion & Impact Resistant

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Amera-Braze 420 is a heat treated, ultra-high impact and abrasion resistant alloy steel plate and strip. With excellent toughness and high hardness, Amera-Braze 420 resists shock, impact, abrasion, stress and vibration.

Due to its high-strength formulation, a reduction of dead weight is achieved by using Amera-Braze in half the thickness of the original chute, truck box liner or wear area.

Amera-Braze 520 is an abrasion resistant, heat treated alloy steel available in plate and strip.

Our controlled heat treating creates a combination of excellent toughness and high hardness. This ensures the ideal toughness and depth hardness ratio needed to produce the superior strength and ultra high wear resistance of our Amera-Braze 520 plate.

Ameralloy Plate And Strip is a medium manganese, heat treated, quenched and tempered alloy. Our balanced alloy content provides maximum impact and abrasion resistance, excellent weldability and good resistance to atmospheric corrosion when compared to original equipment and mild steel.

Ameralloy Plate And Strip can also be drilled, work hardened, and moderately cold formed.

For applications where extensive cold forming is required. Ameralloy AR provides good weldability and machinability while maintaining its abrasion and impact resistance.

Ameralloy AR is easy to form. It can be sheared and punched in metal thicknesses up to 3/8 in.

American-50 is a medium range abrasion resistant plate for economy minded applications where the cost of materials and the reduction of downtime are important factors.

Excellent weldability and workability make American-50 well suited to applications requiring quality materials at a significantly reduced cost.

Amera-Mang Plate And Strip is a balanced chemistry, high manganese (11–14%) work hardening alloy. Amera-Mang is specially formulated for high impact and extreme abrasion applications such as drag lines, dipper buckets, rock crushers, and shot and blast cleaning equipment.

Amera-Mang can be sheared and punch in thicknesses up to 3/8 in.

Dura-Lugg is a balanced manganese, chromium, vanadium alloy with an ultra-tough heat treat and high Brinnell hardness. Well suited for applications where lugs help deflect abrasive particles off of fan blades, eliminating straight line wear and washout problems.

Dura-Lugg offers higher corrosion resistance vs. structural carbon steels, and reduces costs of hard facing or surfacing.

Amera-Plex reduces maintenance problems and costs wherever excessive wear problems occur due to sliding action. Its cling-free surface eliminates buildup and corrosive action. Material will not stick, freeze, cake, or cause bridging.

Amera-Plex provides high abrasion and fatigue resistance in a lightweight, easily fabricated material.

Amera-Thane is our own outstanding formulation of thermo-set polyester polyurethane, uniquely molded to produce a superior impact resistant plate with the smoothest surface possible and a low coefficient of friction.

Amera-Thane is certified comliant with FDA Article 121.2522. It can be used as a contact surface for grain and dry bulk foods.

An Ameralloy long-chain polymeric type material, Amera-Plex Mine Plate provides a cling-free surface, eliminating material buildup and corrosive action. It offers characteristics similar to both plastic and metal.

Amera-Plex Mine Plate provides high abrasion and corrosion resistance and outwears AR, stainless, carbon steels and plastics.

Double-C is a fusion-clad chromium carbide overlay permanently bonded to a carbon steel base with 60–62 Rc hardness. It is well suited to extremely abrasive conditions with moderate impact. A low carbon steel base allows for weldments, bolts and stud attachments.

The most wear-resistant surface available, Double-C dramatically reduces maintenance and downtime costs.

Ameralloy-600 BHN abrasion resistant pipe offers up to ten times the life of mild carbon steel pipe, and it looks and handles much the same.

Ameralloy-600 BHN has proven to be cost effective due to ease of installation, service life, and total installed cost.

Ameralloy-600 BHN abrasion resistant pipe offers up to ten times the life of mild carbon steel pipe, and it looks and handles much the same.

Ameralloy-600 BHN has proven to be cost effective due to ease of installation, service life, and total installed cost.

Not sure what you are looking for? Contact Ameralloy Steel an ISO 9001 certified supplier that specializes in finding hard-to-find Stainless and Alloys. Along with our proprietary grades Amera-Braze, Durelloy, and Dura-Krome. Our knowledgeable sales team will help you find what you are looking for. With many shapes, sizes, and material grades available, we can help you find what you are looking for. The most common items stocked are Tube, Pipe, Sheet, Plate, Hex bar, Square bar, Round bar, Threaded bar, Pump Shaft, and Millimeter sizes. We offer added fabrication services. Contact us now for the current price and delivery.

Ameralloy Steel Corporation is a prime supplier of speciality steel bar products and wear-resistant high-impact steel plate. Our full catalogue features speciality steels and standard AISI alloys to meet your demanding applications.

Ameralloy’s precision-forged speciality steels and standard alloys are shipped worldwide with reliable on-time service.

Ameralloy provides engineering services for your steel products. From forging to machining and finishing, our Chicago based steel service centre will manufacture, ship, and deliver your order with unrivalled quality and service


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