Amera-Thane is our own outstanding formulation of thermo-set polyester polyurethane. It is uniquely molded to produce a superior impact resistant plate with the smoothest surface possible and a low coefficient of friction. Amera-Thane is certified as complying with FDA Article 121.2522, and can be used as the contact surface for grain and other dry bulk foods.

Amera-Thane is poured to order, and is also available with 16GA expanded steel backing for rigidity and installation.

Typical Mechanical Properties

Property Units Test Method Results
Shore A hardness ASTM D-2240-64T 87 ± 1
Split tear strength psi Fed. spec. 601-M-4221 mod. 315+
Tensile strength psi ASTM D-412-62T 7200+
Ultimate elongation % ASTM D-412-62T 570–580
Break set % ASTM D-412-62T 10
100% modulus psi ASTM D-412-62T 725
Compression set % ASTM D-395-61 (B) 35
Compression deflection psi ASTM D-575-46 80
2% deflection 170
5% deflection 310
10% deflection 440
15% deflection 590
20% deflection 740
50% deflection 2150
ASTM No. 1 oil (125°C, 70 hrs.) % tensile retention ASTM D-741-63T 43
ASTM No. 3 Oil (125°C, 70 hrs.) % tensile retention ASTM D-741-63T 50
Humidity aging (70°C, 100% R.H.) % tensile retention/2 wks. ASTM D-1349-62 60
Humidity aging (121°C, 15 psi) % tensile retention/24 hrs. ASTM D-1349-62 25
Heat aging (125°C, 150°C) % tensile retention/72 hrs. ASTM D-1564-65 83, 28
Glass transition, Clashberg °C ASTM D-1043-61T -35
Solenoid impact °C ASTM D-746-57T -35
TMA penetrometer, melt transition °C +173
(74 lb, 1800 min1, 0.2” amp) Minutes to failure ASTM D-623-62 12
Zwick flex life Cycles to failure ASTM D-813-59 105
Taber abrasion (H-18, 1 kg, 103 cycles) mg loss ASTM D-1044-56 8.5
NBS abrasion index % rubber standard ASTM D-1630 250
Outdoor aging % tensile retention/1 yr. ASTM D-412-62T 60


  • Belt skirting
  • Cutting pads
  • Conveyor scrapers
  • Duct work elbow
  • Gaskets
  • Guides
  • Impact pads
  • Impact skirts
  • Idler wheels
  • Slides
  • Spout linings
  • Strippers
  • Sorter blocks
  • Truck bed liners
  • Wear pads
  • Wiper blades

Available Sizes

Amera-Thane Sheets Poured to order – 48” x 120” max. length/width

Amera-Thane Bars Molded to order

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