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Dura-Lugg Four-Way Plate is a balanced alloy of manganese-chromium-vanadium combined in an extremely tough heat treated condition with high Brinell hardness. DuraLugg is suited for applications where lugs assist in deflecting abrasive particles off of fan blades, resulting in the elimination of straight-line wear and wash-out problems.

Dura-Lugg offers excellent corrosion resistance properties considerably higher than structural carbon steels. It is also frequently specified to reduce the high cost of hard-facing or hard-surfacing.


  • Fan blades
  • Pulverizing equipment
  • Ore handling equipment
  • Pulverizing floats
  • Coal handling equipment
  • Ash handling equipment
  • Rotor blades

Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength psi 190,000
Base plate hardness 350–360 BHN
Lug hardness 390–410 BHN

Available Sizes

Dura-Lugg Plates

Thickness: 1/4” 3/8” 1/2”

Widths: 48” 72”

Lengths: 120” 144”

Fabrication & Machining

Forming, rolling, drilling, countersinking to your specifications